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Apex Legends: Boosted (to New Heights)

A New Season

Apex has been on the scene for almost two years now, and is entering its sixth season with a bang… or, more accurately, a hail of bullets.

Like so…

Veterans of the Legend Centric Battle Royal are no doubt enjoying–or absolutely hating–all of the new changes. I’m right there with them, trying not to die a humiliating death as I figure out exactly what’s changed.

I mean, I guess I could read the patch-notes, but what fun is that? 

Renewed Devotion

The previous season saw the Devotion relegated, or promoted, to, a Dropbox-only item (though it came fully kitted). Boosted has reintroduced the Devotion into the lineup of regular guns. While some cry foul, as this LMG is the scourge of late game, seeing the Devotion back on the map is a welcome addition to others and fits with the overall theme of Season Six. 

Just pray you find a Turbo-charger before it’s too late. 

There are R-99 reasons and this gun is one. 

As a trade-off to the Devotion’s return, The R-99 (a favorite of streamers everywhere) has been stuffed into this season’s care packages as a fully kitted monster from which there is no escape. While it can be sad to no longer find one on the map, it almost brings a tear to my eyes to find one dressed to kill. 

A Crafty Little Addition 

One of the biggest new features for Boosted is the crafting system. This system allows you to gather materials, mostly through containers you find strewn across the map, and build specific items using a Replicator.

This addition, while simplistic, makes for some do-or-die decision making. Yeah, you could really use a purple backpack, but is it worth alerting everyone in the area while you wait for the replicator to finish crafting it? 

The use of crafted items on rotation has also been a highlight for me. The idea that some items are on a weekly rotation while others are rotated on a daily basis shakes up the available weapons in an interesting way. Oh, you wanted a fully kitted longbow today? Well too bad, you have to craft not only the longbow, but also the skull-piercer and the x4-x6 scope.

If you’re lucky enough to not get caught while crafting, this is a powerful addition to any team’s strategic maneuvering.

Have a Blast (Wall)

Across the Worlds Edge map are some new additions that took over some previously unimpressive locations. Drill Site has been replaced by a newer, shinier version, with two similar additions; one just south of the sorting station, and the other nestled in the hillside behind the train yard. 

What makes these areas interesting, aside from an updated, more dynamic layout, is the ability to move whole sections of these locations via Hammond terminals. Just press a button and you lift a series of Blast Walls to make a bridge.

While this is convenient when looting or planning an escape route, it makes more noise than a garbage disposal filled with metal spoons. 

So, you know… choose wisely. 

A VOLT of lightning

The VOLT SMG is the most recent addition to the Apex arsenal. This SMG is similar to the Alternator in rate of fire, but it uses Energy Ammo instead of Light. My favorite part of the VOLT is that it is able to hold upgrades ranging from barrel stabilizers to extended energy magazines.

While it does nothing to awe, the VOLT gives you some options if you happen to pick up a ton of energy ammo and are not a fan of the L-STAR or the Devotion. 

The iron sights are also pretty great compared to a lot of other Apex guns, so there’s that. 

Base of Fire: Rampart 

Rampart is the latest Legend to join the Apex pantheon, and boy howdy am I glad to see her.

You might be less excited to see her

I was a little underwhelmed with Loba. Revenant, while admittedly an asset to any team, does not suit my play-style very well. And I’m not even going to talk about how terrible I am with Crypto.

Rampart has quickly become my favorite legend. Her play style is amazing for someone like me, who prefers to pick strategic positions and hold them instead of barging into a situation that could go belly up very quickly.

Her kit includes:

Amped Cover: She can drop up to five small barriers that amount to crouch cover. However, these charge up and become full cover after four seconds. The top portion of this cover is like a one-way mirror. Bullets can go through from one side, but not the other. Though the cover does eventually break from enemy fire, it is a powerful tool while in use.

Just be careful while they’re setting up as a single shot obliterates the cover before it’s ready.

Emplaced Minigun “Sheila”:  Sheila is a double edged sword. On the one hand, she can be set up lightning fast and ready to drop some “Plonkers” (read enemies) in mere seconds. On the other hand, she is completely stationary and only has a roughly 90-degree turning radius. While this can leave you open to attack, it is also a powerful way to overwhelm another team, or simply get them to disburse while your team escapes. To add to all this, you can deploy three of her at a time.

If you don’t see the potential between this and her Amped Cover, then you can just go back to playing Caustic.

Modded Loader: While using LMG’s, Rampart gains 15% magazine size, and a reduction of 25% on her reload times. This makes grabbing an LMG with her a no-brainer. 

All of these abilities add up to a character who can hold a location almost singlehandedly. However I will impart a couple of tips to increase your odds of survival. 

  • Instead of using just one amped cover, try creating a V shape using two, with the pointy end toward your enemies. This will give you increased cover from the sides and longer to shoot your foes when they try and rush you. 
  • When you hear an enemy approaching, try backing up and setting up a couple of barriers. You can only shoot through one amped cover at a time, but your enemy will have to vault or go around the others, buying you some time. 
  • Always recover your amped covers, and Sheilas, just to make sure you’re not helping an enemy somewhere down the line.
  • Blocking a doorway with amped cover is great, but leaves the enemy unable to enter, and causes them to back away. If you place the cover somewhat away from the door (preferably in the V shape) they will come rushing in, allowing you to dispatch them. 
  • You can have up to five amped covers at a time, and they recharge very quickly. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to drop some cover if you’re feeling vulnerable or if you think a fight might break out. You can always pick them up later.
  • Lastly, Sheila and Amped Cover make a lot of noise when you use them, so decide if it’s worth it to set them up if the enemy is unaware of your presence. 

Final Round

Overall, Apex Legends Season Six: Boosted, is a few good steps forward without taking any steps back. They diversified one of their maps, added a layer of complexity to item acquisition, and introduced a solid addition to the lineup of Legends. If the first week or two is any indication, this is going to be a phenomenal season, and I can’t wait to see what else it has to offer.