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Spiritfarer Review: Navigating Waves of Tedium

This was a game Vuk and I both really wanted to love. The previews made it look like a casual but heartwarming game about death and letting go, and we went into it expecting it to combine the sweetness of casual gaming with bittersweet stories that would really make our hearts ache.

Growing Up: Your Choices Matter (Until You Turn 18) 

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

It’s a question that many children are asked ad nauseum throughout their childhood, as if a four-year-old’s passing interest in rocks should lock her into a life-long career as a geologist. But the game Growing Up takes this concept to the next level, with every choice you make from infancy onward compiled to determine your future career.

Growing Up is an indie role-playing sim developed by Vile Monarch and published by Vile Monarch and Littoral Games. It was recommended to me by a close friend, and I downloaded it on Steam and played through my first pass at the game on the same day. I’ve since played through it five or six more times, and will probably give it another go the next time I get bored.

The premise of the game is simple. You start off as a baby, and make choices throughout your childhood until you turn eighteen. The choices you make and the people you meet impact your future career, as well as whether the people you meet receive their Good Ending or Bad Ending.

Late-to-the-Game Code Vein Review: Blood Souls The JRPG

Code Vein takes place some time after an event known as The Great Collapse, where monstrous horrors began to appear around the world. In order to combat these horrors, humanity began creating super soldiers known as Revenants: Corpses reanimated by a genetically engineered parasite. The only downside to being a revenant is that they require human blood to stay alive… un-alive… undead… whichever. In this Code Vein review, learn more about this unique title.

Vambrace: Cold Soul Review – Good Different

Vambrace follows Evelia Lyric, known to everyone as Lyric, in the wake of her fathers death. Among the things he bequeathed to her were a magical vambrace and a magically encrypted journal. Her study of the journal leads to the city of Icenaire which has been cut off from the rest of the world by a magical —and lethal— wall of ice. And, the only way through this wall is with the Vambrace.

Horizon: Forbidden West Review – Staying the Path

An action RPG, Horizon: Forbidden West lives up to its predecessor without taking too many risks. This Horizon: Forbidden West review will show you everything worth loving about this game — and offer a few notes for improvement for Game 3.

Sifu Review: Finding Balance

Please Note: This site uses affiliate marketing. This means that if you click one of the links on our site and make a purchase, we may—at no additional cost to you—receive a portion of the proceeds. Thank you for supporting MediaVore. Sifu is an action beat-’em-up with light RPG elements developed and published by Sloclap… Continue reading Sifu Review: Finding Balance


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